Building an ecological house, Basic principles to know

Building an ecological house

An ecological house is built in such a way as to minimize its impact on the environment. Here are 3 basic principles you need to know.

Ecological house: what are the basic principles?

Craftsman, here are the basic principles to know for the construction of an ecological house  :

The design

This point is essential to study to build an ecological house. As soon as the plans are drawn up, make sure that the construction is adapted to the natural characteristics of its environment. The following should be considered:

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The construction work of an ecological house must be planned in such a way as to reduce waste to an absolute minimum. The choice of materials used must also be taken into account when you are on the construction site. It is advisable to privilege materials of natural origin which make it possible to reduce energy consumption. The most common materials used for the construction of an ecological house are:

The choice of equipment

Many ecological solutions make it possible to meet electricity, water and heating needs. To recover rainwater, it is possible to install a cistern connected to the roof. Although the water is not drinkable, it can be used for watering plants, for cleaning or for flushing the toilet.

In the event of illness, professional activity may be suspended, resulting in loss of salary. Focus on the possible coverage in the event of a work stoppage of less than 90 days.

An illness (bronchitis, cold, etc.) sometimes obliges construction workers to be absent from their site. A work stoppage prescribed by the doctor can also lead to a loss of salary as well as the payment (under conditions) of daily replacement allowances. Some information to know about the coverage in

The energy class indicates the level of energy performance of a home. Construction professionals, find out everything you need to know on the subject…

The energy class of a property is a reliable indicator of its energy performance. It is used to anticipate the amount of energy bills when buying or signing a rental lease.

What is the energy class of a home?

The energy class is a notification system for properties relating to energy performance.

The energy classes are indicated on the Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE) of a property. These guidelines are essential for landlords and tenants when:

The energy class helps to choose a housing (house or apartment) allowing to achieve energy savings on a daily basis and comfortable. If the property has a high rating (A, B, C), the owner or lessor may realize significant capital gains.

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