Some ways to fence your garden

fence your garden

To protect you from prying eyes and properly delimit your property, the fence is essential. When you think of a fence, do you imagine with anguish a barbed wire going around your garden? Do not panic, it can also be a decorative element in your exterior, something very aesthetic. Here is a selection of 20 possibilities, it’s up to you to choose the material and the style that you like the most, you’re spoiled for choice.

This type of fence is ideal for recent houses, with modern architecture. A beautiful irregular steel bar that will make the surroundings of your property resolutely design.

The chic of rounding

For a field fence, opt for a wooden model instead. Add a touch of chic to the garden by choosing it rounded. Source: Sira

The hedge that we do not prune

It’s the perfect solution for those of us who don’t feel green enough to opt for real hedges as fences. A very nice imitation can do the job just as well and does not require as much maintenance.


If you’re looking for a fence that will give your exterior a rustic, close-to-nature look, then look no further. This is made up of heather shoots held together by galvanized wire.


It’s not always easy to find the right fence, the one that will be in harmony with the style of the house and the garden. If you have a very modern building like this, a steel wire fence and bins filled with rock may be what you need.

Very chic gray

Here, the Kyoto fence by Leroy Merlin and its pretty gray color are of the most beautiful effect to separate a pretty summer living room from the rest of the world.

For a Zen garden

There are a few websites and companies that market fully customizable fences. This is particularly the case with , whose “cottage” model can be seen here in a very Zen garden version.

Concrete: security and privacy

If you want to protect yourself from burglaries and enjoy complete privacy in your property, concrete is probably the best solution because it will completely close the space. Note that it’s a pretty good insulator if you’re on a busy street.

The natural fiber screen: the exotic menu

Similarly, to keep a natural spirit in your garden, you can cover a simple fence with reeds or other natural fibers that will give an exotic atmosphere to your space.

The PVC screen: the contemporary option

If you want your fence to match the contemporary style of your garden, opt for pvc privacy screens that will offer you original decorative finishes like this model whose top is openworked in a designer way.

The plastic weave privacy screen: the design idea

To give your garden a designer and refined style, you can also attach a woven plastic canvas to your fence. You are then protected from prying eyes while giving style to your garden.

Metal grilles: the traditional spirit

If you want a castle atmosphere, turn to metal gates to surround your property. This gives a traditional and romantic spirit while protecting you without stopping the gaze.

A trellis: a plant solution

If you don’t want to distort your garden with fences of all kinds, why not opt ​​for trellis screens that will allow you to climb plants and thus make the fences disappear.

A wooden barrier: the charm asset

If you just want to delimit your property and prevent young children from getting out, you can bet on a simple low-rise wooden fence. It then leaves all the view of the surrounding countryside and offers a lot of charm to your garden.

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