Best Renovation Options With Dado Rail

Dado Rail

The dado rail is a kind of wooden moulding typical of restored and preserved residences from the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian periods. It is often believed that dado rails have no purpose other than to provide a visual break between the lower and upper sections of a wall and to facilitate the use of various wallcoverings in the same area. As other wooden mouldings used commonly in interior design, Dado is a decorative element with a long and important history.

Coming From Victorian Times

The study of classics had a major influence on Victorian society, which admired and mimicked antiquity. Because of this association, the dado is now often used in the restoration of Victorian-style homes. The dado style was common at this time. Thus it seems sensible that it would be used here.

Dado rails gone out of style?

During the Georgian era, it was customary to store dining chairs against the walls. The expensive wall covering was protected by installing a dado rail. Dado rails had fallen out of favour by the time the Victorian era started since new trends had emerged. However, the dado saw a Renaissance as a purely decorative element at the end of the Victorian period. This means that most dado will be traced back to the Victorian period.

Function of Dao rail

Even though wallpaper with dado rail are usually installed at a height of around one metre from the floor, their installation height may be altered to be lower or higher depending on the height of the ceiling. It’s common practice to consider this dimension as the height at which chair backs would bump up against a wall. Dado rail height, on the other hand, was originally established concerning the base of a classical column. This measured almost a sixth of the whole ceiling height. Recently, though, there has been a shift towards taller dadoes. The rationale for this practice is that the dado should protect the wall from bumps caused by chair backs. The term “chair rail” is frequently used interchangeably with “dado rail” because of this.

Useful Settings

Dado rails may be found in most American houses in the stairwell, landing, reception areas, and even the kitchen and bathroom. However, they are seldom seen in private spaces like bedrooms.

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