What is the water consumption of a washing machine?

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Literate people who buy a new washing machine have long been concerned with such a criterion as the average water consumption per wash. We have to think about this because nowadays we leave most of our clothes automatically, spending hundreds of liters of water per month. It is estimated that a washing machine consumes on average up to ΒΌ of all the water consumed by a family of three. In this regard, it is worth thinking about methods of saving water during washing, and possibly choosing an economical model of a washing machine.

What determines the volume of water consumption of the machine?

Automatic washing machines are valuable because they save time and effort for the housewife by washing, rinsing and pressing large quantities of laundry without her participation. These free hours can be spent on activities with a child or with your loved one, but the joy somewhat fades when the utility bills arrive at the end of the month. Saving forces are transformed into additional financial expenses.

It should be understood that any automatic washing machine consumes a fairly large amount of water and it is difficult to fix it. But in some cases, for some reason, the machine spends a lot of water, which burdens the family budget. What determines the volume of water consumed by the washing machine, let’s understand.washing machine water consumption

Model of a washing machine. New models of washing machines have water-saving programs and developments.

To load the laundry. Here we are thinking of two things at once: the maximum possible load of laundry in the drum and the washing mode. If you wash the maximum amount of laundry each time, the average water consumption will be lower (except for the most modern washing machines) than if you wash more often, but little by little.

The presence or absence of a malfunction. A washing machine malfunction or poor connection can increase water consumption. For example, if the inlet valve fails, the machine will constantly pump water into the tank, even when it is turned off.

User selectable wash programs. For each washing program, the manufacturer has set its own algorithm, including the amount of water injected into the tank. .

From user needs to washing and rinsing quality. Some housewives, often taking things from the drum, are unhappy because the machine has stretched or rinsed them. Perhaps this was due to an incorrectly chosen washing program or stubborn stains that the hostess had not yet washed off manually. There are several reasons, one result, you need to reshape or rinse again – it means spending more water.

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