What Is Structural Steel? What are the different shapes of structural steel?

shapes of structural steel

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They say it takes a village to raise a child— the same can be said for building homes! While you will need a small infantry of skilled workers like architects, contractors, masons and fabricators, you will also need a barrage of home-building products. Right from cement and bricks to TMT rebars and wires, you will need several such products to ensure that your home is built correctly.

One such home-building product is structural steel.

As the name suggests, structural steel is used to give your project a definitive shape. Unlike steel rods, structural steel comes in various shapes that can be used in different places to form the framework and the skeleton of the building or infrastructural structure. These structural steel products, through their ability to resist bending, make them ideal for supporting heavy loads, providing stability and safety to the structure.

Since these new innovative structural steel rods are becoming a necessity— let’s discuss different shapes that can help you fortify your structure.

Just like every other steel product, even structural steel can be customised; however, the below-listed shapes are the most commonly used across sectors for infrastructural needs:

Circular steel tube

A circular steel tube is predominantly made with a circular cross-section. These seamless and welded tubes are used as columns of roof sheds, handrails, and scaffoldings, among other everyday use items such as metal fixtures in furniture, gym equipment etc.

Rectangular steel tube

Steel tube made with a rectangular cross-section that provides excellent aesthetic value wherever used. These rectangular steel tubes are used while building gates, roof sheds, and handrails along with rails for hospital beds and other metal furniture.

Square steel tube

As the name suggests, these square tubes are made with a square cross-section. Fit for columns, metal furniture, square steel tubes are used to manufacture components of agricultural equipment etc.

While the above-listed shaped structural steel tubes are used widely while building residential-commercial structures’ beams and columns and infrastructure like bridges etc., there are still many unconventional shapes that are used for other niche applications. These differently shaped tubes include These differently shaped structural steel tubes are normally used for creating elaborate designs for a building’s exterior, intricate gates and even design installation purposes.

  • Elliptical shaped tubes
  • D-Shaped tubes
  • Octagon shaped tubes
  • Oval shaped tubes

While these shapes may serve different purposes, the thing that truly sets them apart is the grade of the steel used to manufacture these structural steel tubes. When it comes to builders and contractors, they know the best brands to purchase from however, for some building their dream home without proper research, they may end up purchasing products that might not be a correct fit for your requirements.

However, one brand you can place your trust in while purchasing structural steel has to be Tata Steel’s Tata Structura.

Tata Structura Structural tubes are manufactured using high-quality steel, and their variety of geometric shapes, coupled with superior yield strength, can help save up to 25% of material wastage upon construction. Apart from helping you save on material and additional costs, these superior quality structural steel tubes also provide a premium look and feel to the end product while also giving it unmatched strength! Available in a range of structural steel grades like YST 210, YST 310 and YST 355— Tata Structura’s range of products come with a promise of durability and deliver the promise of superior strength!

Now that you know about the best in the market structural tubes but from where do you purchase them? Get premium Tata Home Building Solutions at your fingertips with Tata Steel Aashiyana. Your handy partner in the journey of home building has a range of Tata’s home-building solutions that are not only cost-effective in the long run but also give your dream home unmatched strength! Right from structural tubes to rebars to windows-doors and eco-friendly blocks— purchase building materials while getting expert help to plan your home building journey online. Download the app or visit, aashiyana.tatasteel.com

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